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Why Choose Peters Dies?


Choosing the right die maker can be a difficult decision when you're not sure what to look for. Here are four key elements to consider:


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each tooling order that is produced at Peters Steel Rule Dies has passed a double multi point quality check to ensure that you receive what you need when you need it. Adding to that is our ability to produce tooling at a level of technology and tolerance that will best address your requirements in the most cost effective manner. Peters Steel Rule Dies can supply you with jig or laser dies and all the accessory tools such as strippers, blankers, mylars, cad samples, etc.


Peters Steel Rule Dies is a proud member of the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD).

International Assocation of Diecutting and Diemaking

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen has a broad knowledge of the many applications of steel rule dies. This allows Peters Steel Rule Dies to apply principles and technology from various industries to meet your specific requirements, which in many cases, maximizes your quality and productivity.


Peters Steel Rule Dies offers free daily pick-up and delivery service in the western Greater Toronto Area daily.

Fast Turnaround

At Peters Steel Rule Dies we firmly believe in "Partnership". In fact, we have built our business on it! When fast turnaround is required, you get it! When you have a problem on press, we are there to help you through it. Our success only comes from the success of our clients.


Peters Steel Rule Dies uses the latest technology in designing and manufacturing steel rule dies. The technology not only allows for a much quicker turnaround, it reduces die cost and increases accuracy.

Reduced cost and increased accuracy begin with the design department when customers email their dieline file. When a dieline has already been created, time is saved and dies are produced more rapidly.

Mimaki Plotter

Mimaki Plotter

Our design department can also help you make impressive sales presentations with samples and mylars produced with the Mimaki plotter. From concept to print, samples are created to ensure a high quality, sharp looking product.

Gerber Profile CNC Router

Gerber Profile CNC Router

Your die base, stripping dies and counter plates are routed using the high tolerance Gerber Profile CNC router. This machine gives your die a very flat die base with highly precise and consistent kerf.

Adams SDS Easy Bender Turbo

Adams SDS Easy Bender Turbo

Serviform Unica Top Rule Processor

Serviform Unica Top Rule Processor

Peters Steel Rule Dies uses the latest in rule processing technology with both the Adams SDS Easy Bender and a first in North America, Serviform Unica Top rule processor. These benders allow Peters Steel Rule Dies to pre-nick dies, manufacture custom perforation rule as well as broach rule for tighter bends and rule joins. These high performance systems produce knife with extreme accuracy and speed, allowing our craftsmen to fast track even your most difficult die and maintain a high standard of quality.